The Cafe Terrace on the Place du Forum, Arles, at Night by Vincent Van Gogh

The art gallery

December 1996

There is always a certain emotion I experience here in this art gallery that makes me come back and visit occasionally when I wish to be alone. Here I feel a sense of tranquility unique only to the experience of this place. Works of art whose value I dare not discern surround me, each one speaking to me in its own way. They often appeal to me, and other times they do not, but they all contain a message; the artist becoming an author of a feeling.

Simple words cannot convey what I feel when I view these works of art, for the beauty I see is indescribable. On one wall I see a scene painted in watercolor, and another I see an oil-based painting. Each different medium requiring a different technique and interpretation. There are paintings in particular in which I stare at longer than others, since these are the ones that appeal to my emotions the most. Perhaps it stirrs a sense of nostalgia for lost memories I am fond of, or maybe it creates a new memory by impressing upon me an unforgettable feeling. Whether it be joy, peace, darkness, or anger, these renditions of the mind strike at my senses, sometimes transporting me to new levels of thought I have never experienced before.

I seldom speak a word to anybody here unless someone accompanies me. Perhaps classical music may play softly from an unknown source, or often times there is only the quiet absense of sound. Either way, my soul is instilled with a feeling of peace, and I keep this feeling until the next time I visit this magical place.

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